Thursday, September 8, 2011

Take a Walk on the WILD SIDE!!!

Who of us has not wanted to do something GREAT for God?  All of us have!  But there is a difference between wanting to do something GREAT for God and actually DOING what, or why, or who is stopping you?  The answer is simple.......YOU is stopping YOU!!  We are our own worst enemy when it comes to following after God.....or DOING something GREAT for GOD.  Don't get me wrong may not be called to move mountains or some humongous may be called to something "small" in your eyes, but to God it is HUGE!  Why?  Because when we are obedient to God.....THAT is what pleases Him....THAT is what moves Him.....THAT is what He has called you to......OBEDIENCE!!

So then, where does this desire to be obedient to God come from and how does it become an obsession to obsession to be obedient to God no matter what!  Big or small....whatever He wants we must be obedient.  But, where does that obsession come from?  Your FAITH!  That's it.....your FAITH!  If our FAITH is small we cannot be obedient to God in the way He desires for us to be.  If our FAITH is large....there is nothing we cannot do for HIM.  No matter what He asks of us.  The danger in our paths is that we are all on different journeys to the same goal and if we look at other peoples paths and start to question God why can't we do this or that like the other people we are looking at?  We show that we are not focused on God but on other people and are seeking glory or to be recognized by others.  God works with the humble and through those who are like clay and willing to be molded into His image and His design and not be concerned with other peoples paths.

Hebrews 11:1        1 Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see. 

What do you have confidence in?  What do you HOPE for?  What do you have ASSURANCE in?  If we only go by what our natural eyes can see....we will never go anywhere with God.  The first problem here is that our FAITH comes from hearing and from hearing the WORD of GOD...If you are not in God's WORD, then your FAITH will NEVER grow....God's Word will always cause spiritual growth in you and cause you to mature in your walk with Him.  You gotta be in the Word first of all.  Secondly we have a problem with looking with our physical eyes at the things of God and we cannot see God.  We have to take a step back sometimes and see God in our circumstances.  
I think of Peter in the New Testament:

Matthew 14:28-30 

28 “Lord, if it’s you,” Peter replied, “tell me to come to you on the water.”    29 “Come,” he said.
   Then Peter got down out of the boat, walked on the water and came toward Jesus. 30 But when he saw the wind, he was afraid and, beginning to sink, cried out, “Lord, save me!”

Here is Peter in a boat looking at the Christ walking on water?  If he was us today he would have dismissed it as a trick or some type of hallucination or a some unexplained natural whatever.....we would have explained it away.  But not Peter.  He got out of the boat and for the second time in history he Walked on Water....he took a Walk on the WILD SIDE!!  His eyes saw no waves, no storm, no nothing....he saw JESUS...His FAITH was HUGE at that moment.....HUGE!  Of course, when he opened his physical eyes and lost focus of Christ....his WILD SIDE stroll came to an abrupt halt......but what a walk he had.

Today I was in the pool with my kids and we played a little game.  I asked them if they could walk into the water without losing stride or without thinking about the hard ground not being there anymore.  They tried and tried for all they were worth but they could not keep a normal stride without making a pause or adjusting their step in some way.  So they tried closing their eyes and that way they would not see the edge of the pool....BUT they still could not do it........they kept trying.  Then they tried to run and hope that running would help...nope....still couldn't do it.  Their minds just could not let go of knowing that they were going to walk on water....or try to at least.  They knew that the ground was no longer there and they could not force their body to do what they wanted it to do.  It was FUNNY to watch.

That's when I thought on Peter and his Faith and what that must have looked like.  INCREDIBLE..that is all I can say.....He did it.....He took that first step into the blackness of the sea KNOWING he couldn't walk on water....BUT also KNOWING WHO called him to take that step.....Jesus is the key!  If we take our eyes off Jesus we will fall.  With our eyes on Him we can like Peter Take a Walk on the WILD SIDE!!!!

My girls could not get their minds off of the they the pool it is funny to watch...but in real life if satan can make you flinch and lose site of JESUS......if that happens...Down we go...just like Peter.  Keep your eyes on Jesus and stay on top of the water and Take a Walk on the WILD SIDE!!!!!




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